Fun in the sun

A Sailing Day ⛵

After coming to Maui consecutivey and not going for a Sail ride, my family and I decided this year we would try it! We sailed from Kaanapali Bay to Lahina on a sailboat called Hula Girl. Even though there was some rain shower, this was a beautiful adventure especially with some traditional hawaiian food prepared for us. The chef made fresh caught Mahi-Mahi fish and Jasmine white rice. I wore my Kiini bikini top in the style "Tasmin"  an the bottom called "Ro". This mismatched bikini coordinated with the actual rainbow that peeked out from the clouds. Watching the rainbow cress upon the mountain, while we were sailing gave me a moment of peace, and awakened me to the realization of how lucky and privileged we are to be apart of this universe that's much more grand than all of us. The beauty in this picture perfect scenery created goose bumps on my body, in awe of this gorgeous world✨ 🌎.


Maui Sunsets

Sunsets in Maui are unlike any other sunsets I've ever seen... especially in Fall when the light seems to lay in the clouds, making it glow.  It's as if the sky helps us to keep track of the seasons with colors like orange and yellow in Fall, and pretty pinks in the Spring.


Just as the sun was peeking through the clouds about to set, my sister Kelsey and I enjoyed jumping in the water, splashing around while reminiscing about the beauty of magical Maui that we've enjoyed through the years!


On this occasion I had on a bathing suit from Mikoh Swimwear. The top is called the "Waimea top" in the color "Bone" and the style of my bottoms is "Velzyland".


I also had on a Missoni headband bought from the store inside the Four Seasons. This headband has been my new favorite accessory, especially when I'm wearing a colorful bathing suit! The headband adds an Indie flair to anything you put it with, which is especially fun when it is swimwear.  As much as I love my swimsuit and headband, nothing compares to a Maui sunset.  If only I could wrap myself in the beauty of the sky - that would be an incredible fashion statement.