Let's Go To Maine!!

In every relationship comes that moment when you get invited to go on a trip with your significant other, and this was that moment for me.  This was a big moment in our relationship because Dylan has been on several different trips with my family, but I’ve never been on one with his. I was nervous - my head filling with questions like: Will they get to know me better? Will I be awkward because of my nerves?  Will they get to really see me, or just the nervous me? These are all universal questions that girlfriends or boyfriends have before going on a trip with the whole fam for the first time, but in this moment they were unique to me. His family knows me of course, but I’ve never spent a long period of time with them, like I would on this upcoming trip. Despite my jitters, when his family asked me to go to Maine, I said “yes” with so much excitement! I jumped on a flight to meet them, as they were already there. I really, really, really don’t like flying in general, but this time flying alone wasn’t so bad. I took a red eye which was terrible, but all worth it as soon as I saw his cute face :).

DC4690D8-E0A6-49FB-8111-61DE459377B1 2.JPG

For six years I have been traveling cross-country to go to one of my favorite places on Earth - sleep away camp in New Hampshire. When I arrived in Maine the big trees, cabins and beautiful lake all felt familiar and wonderful, just like I was at camp. Beyond simply being in a (seemingly) familiar space, his family was so welcoming that the trip was great!! Dylan’s Grandpa owns five perfect red cabins along the lake and one of them is Dylan’s family’s cabin:). It is absolutely picturesque.  Everywhere you look is raw, natural beauty.

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I had so many favorite parts of the trip. Water skiing, taking the kayak across the lake, riding the speed boat out, and bowling!  It was like Summer Camp but better, I was there with my boyfriend. New memories made together, and I could not have had a better time.  Meeting the family? Check. It was another momentous and wonderful moment in our relationship. And nerves? It turns out that usually I’m nervous for nothing.