“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” 🇮🇹  -Guiseppe Verdi

  I love Europe, but most of all I love Italy. I’ve been coming to the Amalfi Coast, and specifically Positano for about four years now.  I realize that I’m beyond lucky to travel to Italy year after year, and I’m so excited to share my experience from this trip with you. Almost all summer I’ve been in summer school, which means I barely had any time to enjoy my summer without thinking about my next homework assignment and when it was due. This is why I think I enjoyed my relaxation time more than ever this year. I now understand why adults who work jobs from 8-6 everyday appreciate their vacation time so much. They’ve earned every second of relaxation. Positano was the perfect place to help put me in full relaxation mode 😎. I mean really, how could you not be relaxed when your view consists of beautiful houses built into the rocks and the town of Positano directly in front of you? It’s an absolutely postcard perfect place.

  The Hotel Il San Pietro continues to amaze me with its service, quality and elegance. This hotel is thoughtfully designed, with each room having a different theme. You walk on beautiful tile that covers every inch of the hotel and the overwhelming frangrance smells of the grapefruit sticks that are carefully placed everywhere. I can’t smell grapefruit without it taking me directly back to this beautiful spot.

  No trip to Positano would be complete without lust, love and pasta. Just kidding...without a cliff dive at the San Pietro, massive amounts of shopping and a plate full of the Eggplant Pasta. Though are plans change from trip to trip, whether we are on a boat or staying at the hotel, these three things have to be part of the experience, and it always amazes me!


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So long Positano! ✨❤️

So long Positano! ✨❤️