Bringing Maui Vibes Back

In all my seventeen years of going to my favorite place on earth, The Maui Four Seasons, I've always left wanting to bottle the serenity and bliss of how I feel when I'm there. This time, I did. In L.A, there is frenetic energy almost everywhere you go.  You have to learn to shut it out by being in your own zone of peace. There's just a lot going on and not enough stillness in people's lives. In Maui, there is so much peace it is literally overflowing. So much of that peace I attribute to the flowing of the beautiful ocean, which you hear constantly - always a force of calmness, of just being able to "be".       In Maui, hotels and lifestyle are put all along the water for miles and miles and it is reflected by the people who Atay in them.  There is a certain feeling of balance and centeredness of being so close to the ocean for an extended period of time. When I leave Maui I usually make a commitment that I will go down to the beach once a week once I return home.  Sadly, this usually falls through because of the business of our L.A lifestyle. A lot of people on the westside live so close, but hardly ever make time to feel the ocean's benefits. 

This time I made a concerted effort of staying in my "Maui mode". So far, I've been successful. 

When I find myself slipping into other people's drama, or frustrations with life, I try my best to be understanding but not let it effect my mental stability and emotions. Everyone needs to feel at peace with their soul.  Sometimes when circumstances in life make your world turn upside down, (how I felt these past months),  I can't emphasize its importance enough. You just find your way back to your center. While I realize, not everyone can go to Maui to find this feeling, like I did, you truly don't need to. You can do it right at your home or anywhere you might find yourself. It is all about bringing yourself back to a place you feel is calming and check in to that happy place. Imagine the sunsets, the smells, the way you felt, everything possible to recreate that place of bliss!  You will find that you can create that feeling anywhere that you are because it is within you. ✨🏝💕🦋🐬


This is my mom and I at Maui Hot Yoga. They had an insane neon black light yoga class! 

This is my mom and I at Maui Hot Yoga. They had an insane neon black light yoga class! 


In complete bliss... 💭  


Until next time my favorite Maui sunsets 🌅 👋🏼