In the ever-changing landscape of fashion in L.A. Reformation is a store that I feel will outlast all the competition. Reformation has clothing for a range of ages - from age 16-70 fitting all different types of personalities, styles, and budgets . Reformation also makes me feel like I’m choosing outfits that are more outside of the box. Instead of my classic bohemian “Planet Blue Style” I can get clothes that are dressier and pair them with something bohemian from my closet, creating my own look. One of the things I love most is that if I find a dress, pants, shirt, skirt or shorts I adore, I can buy it in a variety of colors and fabrics, each one feeling like a brand new item.  Overall they are a very “put-together” brand that offers a variety of styles and looks that are dressier and more classic in nature. Everything is made in a pristine, beautiful way, with clean cuts and nice fabric that shows consistency from piece to piece.