Vie Active

  With so many legging brands out there it is hard to truly know which ones are both the best quality and most flattering. Vie Active is a streamlined brand made to fit a woman’s body like a glove. Sometimes leggings can give you a weird cameltoe, be uncomfortable to move around in, or simply aren’t flattering.  These leggings look and feel like perfection!  They feel so good on my body, especially when gliding around the ice or actively moving with purpose in the gym. The shirt they gave me was also amazing because of its softness and ability to move freely while working out. Vie Active does such a good job of being a well rounded company with the people who work there, the aesthetic of the store and the comfort and quality of these clothes.  With them being versatile, you can have them on for a date, adventure and really anything! These leggings are now at the top of my sizable pile of leggings.  I can’t wait to wear them next time I want to be comfortable and cozy, or when I need to run for a workout! They have a beautuiful store in Sun Valley, Idaho as well as an online store attached below. 


This post is in partnership with Vie Active.