Don't Wear White After Labor Day?

  You know the rule, "Don’t wear white after Labor Day?"  Yeah, well I disagree. This rule seemingly doesn’t apply to those of us living in sunny California. As September begins with Labor Day weekend and simultaneously seems to start to wind down the Summer season, outfits for Fall and Winter are already being planned and sold in every major store. In my opinion, by excluding white from our winter wardrobes, we are missing out on a critical and stylish opportunity. Big, white, fur coats mixed with red become a stunning and eye catching outfit.  I can list off hundreds of other ways that white can be used to bring an outfit to another level of beauty. I’m taking it on as a personal mission to not only prove this antiquated rule wrong, but to prove that white can enhance and perfect a rather drab winter wardrobe.  As I say goodbye to Summer I will no longer be saying goodbye to white.  Don’t believe me, well just wait for seasonal photos to come!

  On another note, I was lucky enough to be part of a surreal sunset photo shoot.   These are some of the best photos ever taken of me, especially because they were taken by my friend, Isabella Basile, a great photographer!  I love white in any and every season.  Can’t wait to show you as we move from this season to the next!

IMG_2828 3.JPG
IMG_2832 3.JPG
IMG_2887 2.JPG
IMG_2852 3.JPG
IMG_2837 3.JPG
IMG_2862 3.JPG
IMG_2835 3.JPG
IMG_2836 3.JPG
IMG_2876 3.JPG