Montenegro Baby

  Oh you surprised me!  When Planning a trip to Croatia, our boat planned to leave from Montenegro. I had no idea that I would be so amazed by this small country. This place enthralled and amazed me by its aqua-marine water, that blue that finds its way into every view, every photo, and perfectly matches with everything. Even though most of the beaches here are rocky, the water and its color are something I'm trying to take home with me, crystal clear in my memory.  Every swim you take removes the heat from the day, refreshing you with a full body rush of perfect temperature.

For lunch in Montenegro we took a car to the beautiful 6 star hotel - The Aman. Here, there are incredible views wherever you turn your head, and beauty everywhere you look. We had such an amazing lunch (despite the crazy heat), refreshments, shade and delicious, homemade pizza, seafood pasta, and a dessert I can’t even describe without my mouth watering… it was raspberry (something like a meringue). From here we explored the next town over, called Kotor. This is a town enclosed and encircled by mountains with a gorgeous lake in the middle. When you look around you are completely surrounded in God’s amazing beauty. After taking a short coffee stop, to help our tired walking legs, we ventured through the old town of Kotor.  It was so quaint, and the buildings so ancient, and absolutely amazing.  We just walked.  We lost ourselves and found ourselves and lost ourselves again, in the most lovely and European way.   I couldn’t imagine after this incredible day of exploring we would end up at the most magical restaurant overlooking the waterfront with houses completely built in the mountainside of Kotor. But what do you know, we ended up at Forte Marne, which is supposedly the best view of Kotor, and top restaurant in all of Montenegro. With a loud group coming to dinner, almost every other person around us got angry… but being crazy with my fam is practically a "core family value" at this point.  It was absolutely worth it, especially when we jumped into the starry, glowing water with my sis for an after dinner- pre dessert dip;).  Hehehe. This night and day couldn’t have been more special. What a way to begin our 8 day journey traveling though amazing Croatia!