Just Around the Corner..

Right when I put my fingers on the keyboard to write about my hiking experience in L.A, with my sister Kelsey, my thoughts shift from our discovery of a new trail,  to what I had subconsciously felt the whole hike...my sister is just about to leave to begin her college adventure.  Even though the hike that we took togetheris one of the best hiking spots in all of the city, a spot where you can look out over beautiful lush vistas and breathe deeply the fresh air, all I could think about was her.  I’m feeling super emotional about this topic, and thought I would share in case any of you are feeling the same way.

  In this post, I was even going to talk about my cute hiking clothes and fun things we discovered along the way.  But on that trail, I looked ahead searching for my big sister, and in that moment I couldn’t see her.   We are now in the last few months leading up to Kelsey leaving for college. This doesn’t even seem real.  But in that moment, that quiet moment of not hearing her voice, not seeing her while she was just a few corners ahead of me on the trail made me think…

Just listening and being fully aware to the sounds of my voice echoing when I said “Kelsey, Kelsey,” made me feel independent in a small way, while also pairing with a sad feeling of discomfort knowing that I will soon be alone without her.  Soon I won’t have my beautiful sister there to answer every question that comes to my mind, 24/7.   Knowing she won't be just down the hall, or not being able to share the little things that I love to talk with her about periodically throughout the day, makes me so very sad.  My sister is my best friend, and she will be forever, even when she goes on her own amazing adventure to New York.   Luckily, I am hoping that her future school is also my own.  The New School (where my sister is attending)  is also the umbrella school for Parsons Fashion School!   Life could bring us back together, side by side, in a brand new city!   For now I’m just trying to look out into the horizon and breathe.  I can’t keep her here with me, but I can fully reminisce the last moments we have left, really living at home together. And that's worth the w🌍rld.


Our many adventures through NYC will be soon featured for you to follow:)