My Miami Epiphany🏝


Hello beautiful South Beach!  What's better than a mother/daughter trip to Miami?  A mother/daughter trip to a salsa competition in Miami, where your mom ends up winning every heat she is in! 


Miami is a place that even if you have never been here, most likely you can begin to imagine what it must be like.  Palm trees swaying, fun music, and a style that captures bold colors and loud prints in a fun little fringe draped dress that makes every step you take look like dancing.  But one thing I have to mention is that despite my intense passion for fashion, one of the best things to wear in Miami is... your bikini.  And I wore mine, coconut in hand, as often as possible.


Upon arriving, on our very special girls trip, we headed straight to the hotel Setai, where we ate at their yummy Asian fusion restaurant called Jaya.  For this dinner, I chose a light sundress with lace lining on the bottom and one of my favorite bohemian belts, that you can find In Italy, or of course at your local Planet Blue;). This belt is so intricately made with shell pieces in each perfect circle.


Waking up in Miami could not have been more wonderful.  I raised my cappuccino cup high to cheers the waves and palm trees when I woke up.  Then I opened up my #girlboss book on the amazing life of Sophia Amoruso (aka. The owner of Nasty Gal). After reading some of this inspiring account of a brave entrepreneur, I turned to Netflix to watch the first episode of the show that follows this book!  It was a perfect morning.  After my morning splurge into fashion, we headed to a new Hot yoga place called, Glow Hot Yoga! We left glowing and feeling very on top of the world.  Fresh smoothies only made us feel better!


So many wonderful moments on this trip, but there is one particular moment that I will always remember - taking a long walk along the South beach ocean enjoying the beauty, feeling the power of the wind as it blew sand into our faces, holding hands - letting my mom’s hand be the only thing in my hand, because I purposely left my phone in our hotel room.  I had a moment of clarity on this trip... not every single moment and second has to be captured by a phone camera, and can instead be captured with my mind, if I allow myself to be fully present. Leaving my phone in the room might seem like a trivial thing.  I am fully a child of my era.  I am a “Millenial”.  I am supposed to document and remember everything.  Yet, my mom said something that rang so true -  little kids remember everything so clearly because their focus is always on their 5 senses. In that vein, after this moment of clarity, my mom and I took a second to feel our feet in the sand - and I mean really feel them.  We talked about how beautiful it is to capture these moments just like a little kid would.  I noticed so much more of my surroundings than I do when I’m preoccupied with the chaos and the “connection” of technology and the alternate reality of social media.  In that world it’s a whole way of living, where I am always caught looking at other people’s lives, and subconsciously comparing theirs to mine.  I’m left seeing the moments that they choose to share and assuming it represents the whole of their lives.  But I’m really only seeing the moments that are “fit for IG” - the highlight reel.  These moments are glossy and beautiful in their brevity and leave me comparing their bodies and surface level lifestyles to my own, because you cannot see the depth of a person if you are not face-to-face listening to their words, feeling their heart and soul and love and pain. It was there, in south Beach, that I realized we don’t need to be something we’re not, just to appear that way on Instagram. And one of the main points that my epiphany led me to was that I don’t want to just be known for me.. Okay yes, I’m a blogger and I love that you know me, my writing style, fashion sense and etc, but what I decided was I want my fashion designs to be known for themselves and known as a signature to Chloéselbystyle, and therefore they will stand on their own as the great designs that they are.  My designs will be a mirror of my love and passions and dreams, reflecting back my love of all things.  But they will be, and act, as independent things that “breathe” their own life and love and passion. There is so much beauty all around us.  Live, love and create, and most of all be present, as much as possible.

 ✨🙏🏼LOVE LIFE💗👼🏼!!!!

-Chloe Selby