A Diary Entry on My Spring Love ❤️


   There is just so much to love...the feeling of exhilaration, elation, the beauty of the escape.  The music jammin’, the feeling of love that surrounds, the warmth of the dancing bodies, the refreshing taste of ice cold water, and the relief of the lime popsicle on my tongue. This is my “happy place” as I enjoy every second of our beautiful, fleeting time together.  Each second revolving around the multicultural, hip food that we share, the unique and trendy styles and the music - always the music.  The feeling is pure serenity and bliss, even with the extremely loud music flowing in and out of our ears. Our daytime romance is full of the warm sensation of my beautiful people, cold water bottles every 20 minutes, because hydration is important when you truly feel as if you could pass out at any moment from the love of it all. During the day, the outdoor stages are our home and I like to stay far away from going into the Sahara rager, having your head hurt from the loud music, unable to even think, but at night this escape is welcome as we move to a different beat and rhythm.  The glowing outfits and plastic animals light the way as they dance with the crowd. I repeatedly twirl and do cartwheels around the field because I just can’t contain my excitement.  We stay awake, because we wouldn’t want to miss a moment apart, deep into the wee hours of the morning, only to fall into an exhausted heap of pure happiness diving into bed.  So much love, sexiness and free fun!  And just like that, after three days, our relationship is over - until the following year.  It was amazing while it lasted. We’re sort of a “Spring Thing”, only seeing each other once a year in April with half the population of Los Angeles to witness our mutual love and complete adoration.

Sigh, Oh Coachella, how you have my heart.


This white top is from Mikoh Swimwear. This body jewelry is from The Nakd Tiger. These shorts are from One Teaspoon.  


Best Poké from Sweet Fin!  


This is what happens when it gets too cold at night, then I have to buy my very own Coachella 2017 merchandise (which ended up being this robe).


Coconuts from an amazingly cute pink truck!


Day 2 outfit! Everything can be found on Planet Blue!  Each item is linked on the names below.


One Teaspoon Black High Waisted Shorts, Indah Cross-Back Bodysuit, Metal Belt. Of course to accessorize, I chose a Choker By Chloe:). 


One of my best friends named Randi who came to Coachella with me!


The funny plastic aliens 👽 I told you about and Sahara tent craziness!