Chloéselbystyle in action on Youtube!

  Fashion as an art can be expressed in many different ways. I began my journey with a complete passion for everything fashion related, and now I keep finding more and more interesting ways to share this love with others.  From designing my own couture dresses, to starting my own line, to blogging, and now - starting a YouTube channel!  Using this medium I can share my unique fashion sense in a completely active way, as I go about life.  This allows me to capture and share in-the-moment thoughts about how I see fashion, styling and design -  sharing my rad style through fashion related videos.  

I want to carve out my own space on the world wide web.  A space that is uniquely mine and uniquely ME.  It will allow me to share:

  • Where to find rad outfits in LA

  • How to repurpose clothing to make it more personal -  for example taking a vintage tee from the Melrose Flea market and turning it into a bohemian look, or how to add pops of flair through patches, accessories, or embellishments, or distress them to make them your very own.

  • Showing style in all its different forms

  • How to wear something that might look totally crazy, but more importantly, how to pull it off

  • Sewing

  • Designing

  • Shopping - what I see, what I look for, and where I go to find it

  • Insight into how I mix and match and plan an outfit, for any and all occasions

My Youtube Videos will express Chloeselbystyle in its fullness.  I’m thrilled to begin sharing my thoughts in this way.  Please check out my channel!  I see it as one more way to share my creativity in this beautiful, fun-filled city of LA, and around the world!