Best days on Abbot Kinney

Going to Abbot Kinney in Venice is like traveling to another part of the world, just for a day.  The colorful shops line each side of this street, each store having its own vibe, style and personality.   Every person you cross paths with is stylish - either a hippie, a surfer or just super rad. Every time my sister and I go for a fun, special day out this spot is always my first pick! Almost all of my favorite stores are on this street, or fairly close - if we’re counting Planet Blue on Main. 

 On this particular morning, my boyfriend and I decided to take a ‘date day’ to Abbot Kinney. We started eating at my favorite place for brunch, called The Butcher’s Daughter. This restaurant is the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant on the west side, and each dish melts in your mouth, all the flavors bursting on impact, seemingly jumping up and down happily on your tongue! 

The vibe and theme of this restaurant is so earthy and cool. Each aspect of the restaurant is so ‘put together’ it makes you feel like you’re walking into a hip, English, country farm. My “usual” here is always the buckwheat pancakes, as they are so delicious! Each bite is sprinkled with pecans and the sides of cream and maple syrup make your tastebuds jump for joy!! I was feeling more like a breakfast burrito on this particular morning, but I still got my “pancake fix” by having a bite of my boyfriend’s! Hehe. 

Usually I walk into any given store on any given day and either there’s nothing new yet for the season, or the stuff starts out too expensive, too unique or ‘out there’ in style, or simply not unique enough.  This time, I walked into the store Principessa, not having any specific plan - no particular type of clothing, jewelry or shoes I wanted to buy, and I found a gem. The “fashion gods” were looking down on me and I found the craziest silver booties with two stars and a moon on the toe, were clear and my toes even seem to play peek-a-boo a little bit! LOL! 

Once again, I left my faith in this street, with less money in my wallet,  but an interesting one-of -a kind- accessory adorning my body, ready to make a unique fashion statement!