Xmas Party Dresses

   After quitting ice skating in 2014, I began exploring fashion and design.  I started by designing couture dresses to wear for our annual Christmas Parties. The first year my style wasn’t completely established, so I threw myself into designing, with only my passion for fashion and fun fabrics to guide me!  That year I designed a floor length gown that had a criss-cross design of lavender silk fabric on top, attached to a gold metallic silk chiffon that had a bit of stretch to it. With little experience, I still managed to create a dress that fit like a glove.


  With a bit of experience from the first year, I understood the process even more when I began designing my gown in 2015.  Because I was more patient with myself the process was even more exhilarating.  For that dress I chose to highlight the color champagne, and use it in a variety of shades and fabrics. At the top of the dress I implemented a netted fabric with pearls that attached to delicate lace in a classic but elegant v-shape. This dress had a button placed in the back that outlined my back in a gorgeous way.


   For this past year, 2016, I designed a slip dress made of velvet silk with suede silver string lacing up the back. This silver velvet silk flatters the body with  of a movement in every step I took.  The design of this dress changed a lot from the start.  In the beginning I was going to use my sparkle embellishment as a lining in the front and the back of the dress in a v-shape, then I chose to keep it more simple by using this embellishment as a bedazzling choker!

Through this yearly experience I've learned an extensive amount about pattern making, sewing, hand-sewing and cutting.  I’m looking forward to using these skills to inform and build upon for all my future designs.  What began as a hobby, is now a full blow passion, informing all of my future dreams and choices. Fashion designing is my passion!