Sunny Sun Valley­čî×

In the middle of a pizza party in Sun Valley, my friend Tatum and I decided to escape into the ÔÇťparty of lightÔÇŁ that is magic hour in Idaho.  We found ourselves in a field of golden, sun-drenched wheat. The sun warmed our skin, as it made us glow on camera, and off. I found this unique Planet Blue romper and thought it would go perfectly in this fun, cowboy town. The romper is made out of a soft denim material, and has strategically placed floral appliques, adding fun pops of color.  There is a tasseled drawstring waist with two tiny bells on the end of each string.  They ring ever so slightly as I move.  ItÔÇÖs as if a fairy is receiving her wings every time I reach down to make a wish on some dandelion fuzz.

vsco-photo-1 (2).jpg