Breezy Sunday

A Sunday night dinner can sometimes be dreadful after a long weekend, with finals looming in the week ahead.  A walk to dinner, during magic hour, took my worries about the upcoming week away - almost as if they drifted along the ocean breeze. Unknowingly, I matched my skirt with the color of the Santa Monica sky.  My tie-dyed Planet Blue skirt flowed around me, every step I took.  I paired the skirt with a long sleeved, black, crop top, also from Planet Blue. The white converse I was wearing perfectly suited the young and playful vibe of the outfit.  If I hadn't been enlightened by this beautiful walk, looking forward to amazing avocado rolls at Hillstone (one of my favorite restaurants) would've still boosted my happiness.  When fashion doesn't cheer me up, delicious food always does!