In the winter, choosing an outfit for dinner can get tricky. Wearing leggings and jeans over and over could be mundane, and I love to spice my outfits up with a staple piece. For this outfit, I happened to be in the snow, so wearing a dress might be considered a little unconventional. But since I'm used to wearing dresses with a light jacket for a night out in LA, the cold weather wasn't going to stop me. For this occasion I wore a glittery long sleeve top from Brandy Melville under my Yamamay slip dress with lace details at the bottom. To top everything off, I paired it with my vintage army jacket which went perfectly with the rest of the look. The glitter of the top added a festive detail to the outfit, ideal for the holiday season. I wore my black suede choker with jade gemstone that I designed to add a fun personal accent to the outfit! My Miu Miu boots kept my feet warm and protected from the snowy Sun Valley streets, but of course without sacrificing style.  My personality requires that each outfit I put together has a bit of fun and a bit of sass.  The lace dress I wore was a total wink, while the jacket was a fun smirky smile!  I love bucking the trend of what's expected. This outfit was a perfect blend of fun and warmth in a beautiful, cold winter wonderland.