Amalfi Reflections

An adventure always starts with an eventful beginning.  This adventure was no different.  To begin with my family and I got stuck in the Munich airport for hours and hours.  Luckily, the lounge had cozy beds to ease our travel fatigue.  As any experienced jet-setter would, I wore cozy, red, Spiritual Gangster sweatpants and a comfortable, light pink Wildfox shirt. We finally arrived in Naples at midnight and lethargically headed to our Napoleon Hotel.  My sister Kelsey came down with a yucky fever and was completely miserable.  A beginning as crazy as this gave me the inkling that a wonderful trip had to be coming.  The next morning was the day my family, and a few of our close friends, had been anticipating for several months - our arrival to our yacht to sail the beautiful Amalfi Coast.  Our Captain arrived to take us to the boat, our “home” for the next 8 days.  We arrived to find a blue and white beauty, like no other yacht in the sea. The crew greeted our party, with open arms, champagne and cool cucumber scented hand towels. A tour of the boat further sparked our excitement for a journey upon the “Mary Jean”.  Immediately we set sail across the Bay of Naples for the island of Capri.  We extended our time in Capri because of everyone was completely enjoying the shopping, clubbing, water sports, and “eventful” lunches.  These lunches were filled with singing, Italian servers in wigs presenting us with piles of delicious pastas.  

The next place we ventured to was the surreal Positano.  If you’ve ever seen a photo of Positano, it looks somewhat too gorgeous to be real.  Positano is a magical place that makes each person fall more in love with it each time they return.  When we set anchor here, my heart started to beat with extreme joy and excitement that I hadn’t felt since the last time I was there.  Walking up and down the curvy, cobblestoned streets with houses built into the side of the mountain is incredibly enchanting.  Since my siblings and I have been there three times before, we knew the secret spots to take our “entourage”.  The most amazing hotel is built into the side of the mountain, called the Hotel Il San Pietro - their orange ocean view chairs are the distinctive element here. Our day spent at this hotel consisted of eating delectable food, cherishing panoramic views of the ocean and mountain sides, and seeing our old friends who worked at the hotel.  It was a dream come true to experience this with our whole family and our best friends.


   Oh, the wonderful Sardinia... This place makes me realize the true beauty of this world.  It all starts with the beauty in the delectable food we ate here.  After being on a luxurious boat, you would think nothing could compare.  Let me tell you, the food with the incredible backdrop of Sardinia, and the wonderful locals made it pretty hard not to fall in love with this place. I came down with a gnarly sickness, just as my sister had at the beginning of our trip.  If there was one place that being sick wasn’t so bad though, it would be here. The beauty of the turquoise and aqua marine colored waters surrounding us was utterly unforgettable.  One day we took a small boat around the island of Sardina, and experienced gorgeous fish while snorkeling, jumping of the mountainous rocks, and lastly enjoying pesto and shrimp pasta on our swim breaks.  My family and I all said “If there was one last meal we could have, we would choose to have it in Sardinia”. The food was spectacular, especially the calamari and fresh branzino.  The employees and chefs at our Hotel Hotel Cala Di Volpe, love to spoil you.  I’ve never seen a chocolate souffle ramekin so large, as the one served to us here. By the time dinner was over, each of us had food babies, always a sign to stop eating.  It was all so good we couldn’t stop!  From the food, the sights, and the experiences, we walked away from the whole trip with the most beautiful memories.  I’m already dreaming of going back.