Coachella Outfit Ideas

Coachella is on of my favorite events of the year. Everyone is so happy to be there, the music is amazing, and the atmosphere is so lively and full of energy. I’m sad to be missing it this year, but I pulled together some of my favorites - pictures of my oufits from previous years, and outfits I put together for this year. I hope, at the very least, you’ll feel inspired, and if you’re going I wish you the best time ever!! Take a twirl in that grassy field for me!

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photo 5.jpg
photo 5.jpg
Blue life crop top, One Teaspoon shorts, Doc Martens & Stella McCartney black mini Falabella backpack!

Blue life crop top, One Teaspoon shorts, Doc Martens & Stella McCartney black mini Falabella backpack!

Nightcap lace pants with Cleobella crochet crop top!

Nightcap lace pants with Cleobella crochet crop top!


  In the ever-changing landscape of fashion in L.A. Reformation is a store that I feel will outlast all the competition. Reformation has clothing for a range of ages - from age 16-70 fitting all different types of personalities, styles, and budgets . Reformation also makes me feel like I’m choosing outfits that are more outside of the box. Instead of my classic bohemian “Planet Blue Style” I can get clothes that are dressier and pair them with something bohemian from my closet, creating my own look. One of the things I love most is that if I find a dress, pants, shirt, skirt or shorts I adore, I can buy it in a variety of colors and fabrics, each one feeling like a brand new item.  Overall they are a very “put-together” brand that offers a variety of styles and looks that are dressier and more classic in nature.  Everything is made in a pristine, beautiful way, with clean cuts and nice fabric that shows consistency from piece to piece.

A bathing suit that I used as a bodysuit!

A bathing suit that I used as a bodysuit!

A dress that could fit the occasion of a classy dinner or a brunch by the beach!

A dress that could fit the occasion of a classy dinner or a brunch by the beach!

Let's Go To Maine!!

In every relationship comes that moment when you get invited to go on a trip with your significant other, and this was that moment for me.  This was a big moment in our relationship because Dylan has been on several different trips with my family, but I’ve never been on one with his. I was nervous - my head filling with questions like: Will they get to know me better? Will I be awkward because of my nerves?  Will they get to really see me, or just the nervous me? These are all universal questions that girlfriends or boyfriends have before going on a trip with the whole fam for the first time, but in this moment they were unique to me. His family knows me of course, but I’ve never spent a long period of time with them, like I would on this upcoming trip. Despite my jitters, when his family asked me to go to Maine, I said “yes” with so much excitement! I jumped on a flight to meet them, as they were already there. I really, really, really don’t like flying in general, but this time flying alone wasn’t so bad. I took a red eye which was terrible, but all worth it as soon as I saw his cute face :).

DC4690D8-E0A6-49FB-8111-61DE459377B1 2.JPG

For six years I have been traveling cross-country to go to one of my favorite places on Earth - sleep away camp in New Hampshire. When I arrived in Maine the big trees, cabins and beautiful lake all felt familiar and wonderful, just like I was at camp. Beyond simply being in a (seemingly) familiar space, his family was so welcoming that the trip was great!! Dylan’s Grandpa owns five perfect red cabins along the lake and one of them is Dylan’s family’s cabin:). It is absolutely picturesque.  Everywhere you look is raw, natural beauty.

4B2C0676-0568-4976-85E2-219316251EF9 2.jpg

I had so many favorite parts of the trip. Water skiing, taking the kayak across the lake, riding the speed boat out, and bowling!  It was like Summer Camp but better, I was there with my boyfriend. New memories made together, and I could not have had a better time.  Meeting the family? Check. It was another momentous and wonderful moment in our relationship. And nerves? It turns out that usually I’m nervous for nothing.

All Good Things Come in Sets

Sets are a girl’s best friend. It’s so easy for boys to get ready.  They grab a pair of pants and a shirt (any random one will do) and they’re out the door!  For girls, lots of thought, concentration and careful, precise planning go into making the perfect outfit.  With a ready-made set all that hard work is done.  You simply grab some fun accessories, and you can run out the door right after your guy, with effortless ease, and oh so much style!


“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” 🇮🇹  -Guiseppe Verdi

  I love Europe, but most of all I love Italy. I’ve been coming to the Amalfi Coast, and specifically Positano for about four years now.  I realize that I’m beyond lucky to travel to Italy year after year, and I’m so excited to share my experience from this trip with you. Almost all summer I’ve been in summer school, which means I barely had any time to enjoy my summer without thinking about my next homework assignment and when it was due. This is why I think I enjoyed my relaxation time more than ever this year. I now understand why adults who work jobs from 8-6 everyday appreciate their vacation time so much. They’ve earned every second of relaxation. Positano was the perfect place to help put me in full relaxation mode 😎. I mean really, how could you not be relaxed when your view consists of beautiful houses built into the rocks and the town of Positano directly in front of you? It’s an absolutely postcard perfect place.

  The Hotel Il San Pietro continues to amaze me with its service, quality and elegance. This hotel is thoughtfully designed, with each room having a different theme. You walk on beautiful tile that covers every inch of the hotel and the overwhelming frangrance smells of the grapefruit sticks that are carefully placed everywhere. I can’t smell grapefruit without it taking me directly back to this beautiful spot.

  No trip to Positano would be complete without lust, love and pasta. Just kidding...without a cliff dive at the San Pietro, massive amounts of shopping and a plate full of the Eggplant Pasta. Though are plans change from trip to trip, whether we are on a boat or staying at the hotel, these three things have to be part of the experience, and it always amazes me!


E83DFCE6-8CE3-4C2D-A91E-29478BACA718 2.JPG
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EBA398BF-466C-4FB8-8401-00626CDC7E00 2.JPG
So long Positano! ✨❤️

So long Positano! ✨❤️

Pink, Pink, Everything Pink! 💗

  I love pink for so many reasons. I went to The Malibu Pier this weekend and on the left hand side, there is an ONLY pink pop up shop! I was in pinkalicious heaven... There’s so many options with the color!! Hot pink, blush, light pink, fuscia and much more.  I am not the one to reach for pink clothing right away, but when it’s the right pink and the right item, I will totally put it on! At my birthday dinner, I had invisioned wearing a blush color top with a white skirt and it worked great. There must be a color association that my parents have towards be with that same blush color; on my birthday my mom had on a blush dress and my dad had a blush tie. Spontaneously, we were all coordinated. Just like I said, with the right outfit and occasion it’s amaizng! On the other hand, pops of pink in my house occur everywhere you look. From a sofa, to chairs, to a neon sign, to napkins and pillows! A Blogpost showing all of these amazing, pink furniture items will be coming very soon! 


Pink lipstick is always an item in my bag😜👄

Pink lipstick is always an item in my bag😜👄


Such a cute store!!! Everything is so aesthetically pleasing 💓✨🙏🏼 

Bringing Maui Vibes Back

In all my seventeen years of going to my favorite place on earth, The Maui Four Seasons, I've always left wanting to bottle the serenity and bliss of how I feel when I'm there. This time, I did. In L.A, there is frenetic energy almost everywhere you go.  You have to learn to shut it out by being in your own zone of peace. There's just a lot going on and not enough stillness in people's lives. In Maui, there is so much peace it is literally overflowing. So much of that peace I attribute to the flowing of the beautiful ocean, which you hear constantly - always a force of calmness, of just being able to "be".       In Maui, hotels and lifestyle are put all along the water for miles and miles and it is reflected by the people who Atay in them.  There is a certain feeling of balance and centeredness of being so close to the ocean for an extended period of time. When I leave Maui I usually make a commitment that I will go down to the beach once a week once I return home.  Sadly, this usually falls through because of the business of our L.A lifestyle. A lot of people on the westside live so close, but hardly ever make time to feel the ocean's benefits. 

This time I made a concerted effort of staying in my "Maui mode". So far, I've been successful. 

When I find myself slipping into other people's drama, or frustrations with life, I try my best to be understanding but not let it effect my mental stability and emotions. Everyone needs to feel at peace with their soul.  Sometimes when circumstances in life make your world turn upside down, (how I felt these past months),  I can't emphasize its importance enough. You just find your way back to your center. While I realize, not everyone can go to Maui to find this feeling, like I did, you truly don't need to. You can do it right at your home or anywhere you might find yourself. It is all about bringing yourself back to a place you feel is calming and check in to that happy place. Imagine the sunsets, the smells, the way you felt, everything possible to recreate that place of bliss!  You will find that you can create that feeling anywhere that you are because it is within you. ✨🏝💕🦋🐬


This is my mom and I at Maui Hot Yoga. They had an insane neon black light yoga class! 

This is my mom and I at Maui Hot Yoga. They had an insane neon black light yoga class! 


In complete bliss... 💭  


Until next time my favorite Maui sunsets 🌅 👋🏼  

Vie Active

  With so many legging brands out there it is hard to truly know which ones are both the best quality and most flattering. Vie Active is a streamlined brand made to fit a woman’s body like a glove. Sometimes leggings can give you a weird cameltoe, be uncomfortable to move around in, or simply aren’t flattering.  These leggings look and feel like perfection!  They feel so good on my body, especially when gliding around the ice or actively moving with purpose in the gym. The shirt they gave me was also amazing because of its softness and ability to move freely while working out. Vie Active does such a good job of being a well rounded company with the people who work there, the aesthetic of the store and the comfort and quality of these clothes.  With them being versatile, you can have them on for a date, adventure and really anything! These leggings are now at the top of my sizable pile of leggings.  I can’t wait to wear them next time I want to be comfortable and cozy, or when I need to run for a workout! They have a beautuiful store in Sun Valley, Idaho as well as an online store attached below. 


This post is in partnership with Vie Active. 

Best days on Abbot Kinney

Going to Abbot Kinney in Venice is like traveling to another part of the world, just for a day.  The colorful shops line each side of this street, each store having its own vibe, style and personality.   Every person you cross paths with is stylish - either a hippie, a surfer or just super rad. Every time my sister and I go for a fun, special day out this spot is always my first pick! Almost all of my favorite stores are on this street, or fairly close - if we’re counting Planet Blue on Main. 

 On this particular morning, my boyfriend and I decided to take a ‘date day’ to Abbot Kinney. We started eating at my favorite place for brunch, called The Butcher’s Daughter. This restaurant is the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant on the west side, and each dish melts in your mouth, all the flavors bursting on impact, seemingly jumping up and down happily on your tongue! 

The vibe and theme of this restaurant is so earthy and cool. Each aspect of the restaurant is so ‘put together’ it makes you feel like you’re walking into a hip, English, country farm. My “usual” here is always the buckwheat pancakes, as they are so delicious! Each bite is sprinkled with pecans and the sides of cream and maple syrup make your tastebuds jump for joy!! I was feeling more like a breakfast burrito on this particular morning, but I still got my “pancake fix” by having a bite of my boyfriend’s! Hehe. 

Usually I walk into any given store on any given day and either there’s nothing new yet for the season, or the stuff starts out too expensive, too unique or ‘out there’ in style, or simply not unique enough.  This time, I walked into the store Principessa, not having any specific plan - no particular type of clothing, jewelry or shoes I wanted to buy, and I found a gem. The “fashion gods” were looking down on me and I found the craziest silver booties with two stars and a moon on the toe, were clear and my toes even seem to play peek-a-boo a little bit! LOL! 

Once again, I left my faith in this street, with less money in my wallet,  but an interesting one-of -a kind- accessory adorning my body, ready to make a unique fashion statement!


Say Goodbye to Summer in True Summer Style

  As the weather changes and Summer starts to slip away, we know as Californians we still have a couple sunny, warm weekends left. What better way to celebrate this time then with a cute outfit that flatters your body and seems to embrace summer in the cutest of ways! I’ve created what is basically a strapless bikini top, but with an awesome tie in front and a cute polka dot pattern! Lots of other patterns are coming soon, like a cute cherry one that is pure Summer sweetness.  Right now, wear these tops with a trendy One Teaspoon white, ripped jean skirt or high waisted shorts! These tops create the perfect look of being young, hip and stylish, with a flare of the 70’s. When you're finally forced to say goodbye to Summer, these tie tops are versatile even through Fall. You can wrap one of them on with a big fur trench coat and high waisted jeans to make the outfit fun and sexy, but still warm.


Don't Wear White After Labor Day?

  You know the rule, "Don’t wear white after Labor Day?"  Yeah, well I disagree. This rule seemingly doesn’t apply to those of us living in sunny California. As September begins with Labor Day weekend and simultaneously seems to start to wind down the Summer season, outfits for Fall and Winter are already being planned and sold in every major store. In my opinion, by excluding white from our winter wardrobes, we are missing out on a critical and stylish opportunity. Big, white, fur coats mixed with red become a stunning and eye catching outfit.  I can list off hundreds of other ways that white can be used to bring an outfit to another level of beauty. I’m taking it on as a personal mission to not only prove this antiquated rule wrong, but to prove that white can enhance and perfect a rather drab winter wardrobe.  As I say goodbye to Summer I will no longer be saying goodbye to white.  Don’t believe me, well just wait for seasonal photos to come!

  On another note, I was lucky enough to be part of a surreal sunset photo shoot.   These are some of the best photos ever taken of me, especially because they were taken by my friend, Isabella Basile, a great photographer!  I love white in any and every season.  Can’t wait to show you as we move from this season to the next!

IMG_2828 3.JPG
IMG_2832 3.JPG
IMG_2887 2.JPG
IMG_2852 3.JPG
IMG_2837 3.JPG
IMG_2862 3.JPG
IMG_2835 3.JPG
IMG_2836 3.JPG
IMG_2876 3.JPG


  I didn’t know what to expect arriving in Croatia. But judging from the quick 2 night stay in the beautiful Montenegro, I got an incredible glimpse of what was sure to come. This trip we explored 7 islands out of more than 1,000 on the Croatian Coast. What has always been a European vacation spot is fairly new to us Americans, and there were hardly any American tourists to be found.  When we would overhear tourists speaking in Croatia, there was hardly any english being spoken.  Venice, which I will be talking about in my next blogpost, was fully saturated with tourists. The food was largely mixed between grilled fish with olive oil and lemon, like our all time favorite...Branzino, pastas with seafood with our other favorite, langoustines and red sauce. The cheeses were mixed between feta and parmesan.  The influences were clearly Greece and Italy and all yummy. As you can tell from the multiple sunset pictures, the sunsets in Croatia were outrageous and dynamic. One evening, after a thunderstorm, the sky was left in pink and orange colors of vibrancy.



Days Spent At Sea

Coming back to the boat was like coming back to our summer vacation home... but even better, because it was at sea;) The days spent relaxing on the yacht felt so amazing, especially after our tired feet had explored every island city.

Coming back one evening from our long day adventure felt so good:).  

Coming back one evening from our long day adventure felt so good:).  

Sunset Jet- Ski Rides.  

Sunset Jet- Ski Rides.  

Jumping off the boat is one of my favorite excursions. 

Jumping off the boat is one of my favorite excursions. 

Waking up one morning at the top deck.

Waking up one morning at the top deck.

This is what I'm talking about... pure relaxation. Especially with appetizers jacuzzi.  

This is what I'm talking about... pure relaxation. Especially with appetizers jacuzzi.  


Our first introduction to Croatia was in the red roof city, King’s Landing, as it is known in “Game of Thrones”. Most of our day here was spent walking along the ridge of the grand, stone wall that surrounds the city.  Everywhere we looked there was a majestic,  panoramic view that contained more beauty than anywhere we had ever seen before.  On one side of the wall was the city itself, full of people who lived and played and ate there, on the outside of the wall the ocean filled our view, and we couldn’t get enough of that Adriatic Blue.




On this day we broke away from the large group as a small group of four to discover an island that would quickly climb to the top of our “favorite’s list”.  We walked through the wall to discover a small town center with all the necessities of daily life -a church and grocery, and Marco Polo’s childhood home.  But then something magical happened.  We met a shopkeeper  who introduced us to his whole family and when we met his sister she gave us a personal tour of the town.  We met the mayor, we went to our new “friend’s” favorite restaurant (not a tourist spot) and she sat with us drinking delicious white Croatian wine while eating lobster pasta.  On this island we made a personal connection and it made everything taste better, sound better and made it all more real. At nighttime, we even came back into town for a celebration with fun dancing, traditional Croatian music and amazing fireworks to send us off to our next location!




There was a lot of hype around Hvar, about how it was the next Ibiza and the world’s premiere and up and coming party spot.  I wasn’t buying into it, and come to find out it was with good reason.  

 One of the main tourist attractions of Hvar is its nightlife, specifically a  club called Carpe Diem, which means “to seize the day”.  It was cool, but definitely not insane. My favorite part of this club was going from a land party spot and then taking a small speedboat to the next party island across the way.  Sounds incredible, right?  Like the best party night of your life, right?!  I found though, that surprisingly enough, there were other nights out that climbed to the top of my list.  Other partying was more fun for me - like the unexpected night on Korcula with fireworks, costumes and traditional Croatian music.  The music at Carpe Diem, a weird techno music with not much rhythm, proved challenging to dance to which was also a detractor, because I love rocking out on the dance floor.

Okay, I guess I danced a little bit. But nothing compared to how I love to rock it out with insane music!  

Okay, I guess I danced a little bit. But nothing compared to how I love to rock it out with insane music!  

Close to sunrise after our club night!  

Close to sunrise after our club night!  



Krka Water Falls

Croatia is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, and we were lucky enough to get to experience them. We seek and find beauty everywhere we go - life is so full of it!   In order to see the famous Krka waterfalls we had to take the yacht up a narrow passageway . We were surrounded by high cliffs on either side, a surreal experience!  Then we took a smaller boat up a river to the waterfalls.


Walking into the vast waterfalls was so scenic and so majestic. Wow, this moment made me feel so in tune and spiritually connected to a greater purpose in this life, and I felt so lucky to be here in this peaceful place with my best friends exploring this National Park and every little trickle coming down every stream. Even the small waterfalls through the mountainous park contributed to the pouring huge falls that Krka held. We even saw the area where women would wash their clothes many years ago, which was amazing. In the water I kept seeing magical reflections of hearts, angel wings and butterflies which are my signs of God’s beauty. I was so incredibly happy to explore this place in its entirety until my dad started yelling at us to get back on the boat for lobster pasta. While surrounded by this beauty of nature, I didn’t feel the need to fill my tummy up… my brain and heart was being abundantly filled with so much happiness and LOVE!! Love, not just for these waterfalls, but for life. I walked out with a better understanding of how easy it is to get sucked into shallow things, small details, like tiny flaws we see that effect us especially in photos for Instagram. Beauty like what we experienced at the falls causes a person to look more and more inward into themselves, and turn away from the crazy ridiculous details of miniscule things. It forces you to look outward at the amazing nature that is all around constantly! Even the things we don’t notice on a daily basis, because we are so used to our routines, are all really beautiful in their own way. While I know that this is not an original thought, I truly believe that it is a necessary one. It sounds like a rant, but really it’s just a realization - one that I had to share because I’m so beyond grateful that I stayed to adventure, and open my eyes to all the beauty in this world!!!  

The reflections I'm talking about:). 🦋✨ 

The reflections I'm talking about:). 🦋✨ 

This was taken under a bridge at an oyster farm, before our waterfall adventure! 

This was taken under a bridge at an oyster farm, before our waterfall adventure! 


Vis (Stiniva beach)

We traveled to Vis overnight and found ourselves on the coast of a perfect jewel of an island.  We traveled by tender to the most secret of secret coves. High cliffs basically surround a beach almost made up entirely of small, round, white rocks.  There is only a small gap that opens this beach to the sea. Our tender would only travel so far before we and our waterproof bags jumped ship to swim inland. We spent almost the entire time in the water. Croatia has water that is completely clear, so that you can see all the way to the bottom. The temperature begs for you to swim and swim until you find that you have practically grown scales to match your mermaid status.  Its interesting, people travel far and wide for Californian beaches. The sand is so perfect in California that you typically stay on land, not daring to brave the cold water. When I found myself on the beaches in Croatia, the rocks pushed me into the water and there was nowhere else that I would rather be. I still miss that Adriatic Blue and the feel of the salty water as it held me in an effortless perfect temperature embrace.




Montenegro Baby

  Oh you surprised me!  When Planning a trip to Croatia, our boat planned to leave from Montenegro. I had no idea that I would be so amazed by this small country. This place enthralled and amazed me by its aqua-marine water, that blue that finds its way into every view, every photo, and perfectly matches with everything. Even though most of the beaches here are rocky, the water and its color are something I'm trying to take home with me, crystal clear in my memory.  Every swim you take removes the heat from the day, refreshing you with a full body rush of perfect temperature.

For lunch in Montenegro we took a car to the beautiful 6 star hotel - The Aman. Here, there are incredible views wherever you turn your head, and beauty everywhere you look. We had such an amazing lunch (despite the crazy heat), refreshments, shade and delicious, homemade pizza, seafood pasta, and a dessert I can’t even describe without my mouth watering… it was raspberry (something like a meringue). From here we explored the next town over, called Kotor. This is a town enclosed and encircled by mountains with a gorgeous lake in the middle. When you look around you are completely surrounded in God’s amazing beauty. After taking a short coffee stop, to help our tired walking legs, we ventured through the old town of Kotor.  It was so quaint, and the buildings so ancient, and absolutely amazing.  We just walked.  We lost ourselves and found ourselves and lost ourselves again, in the most lovely and European way.   I couldn’t imagine after this incredible day of exploring we would end up at the most magical restaurant overlooking the waterfront with houses completely built in the mountainside of Kotor. But what do you know, we ended up at Forte Marne, which is supposedly the best view of Kotor, and top restaurant in all of Montenegro. With a loud group coming to dinner, almost every other person around us got angry… but being crazy with my fam is practically a "core family value" at this point.  It was absolutely worth it, especially when we jumped into the starry, glowing water with my sis for an after dinner- pre dessert dip;).  Hehehe. This night and day couldn’t have been more special. What a way to begin our 8 day journey traveling though amazing Croatia! 


Just Around the Corner..

Right when I put my fingers on the keyboard to write about my hiking experience in L.A, with my sister Kelsey, my thoughts shift from our discovery of a new trail,  to what I had subconsciously felt the whole sister is just about to leave to begin her college adventure.  Even though the hike that we took togetheris one of the best hiking spots in all of the city, a spot where you can look out over beautiful lush vistas and breathe deeply the fresh air, all I could think about was her.  I’m feeling super emotional about this topic, and thought I would share in case any of you are feeling the same way.

  In this post, I was even going to talk about my cute hiking clothes and fun things we discovered along the way.  But on that trail, I looked ahead searching for my big sister, and in that moment I couldn’t see her.   We are now in the last few months leading up to Kelsey leaving for college. This doesn’t even seem real.  But in that moment, that quiet moment of not hearing her voice, not seeing her while she was just a few corners ahead of me on the trail made me think…

Just listening and being fully aware to the sounds of my voice echoing when I said “Kelsey, Kelsey,” made me feel independent in a small way, while also pairing with a sad feeling of discomfort knowing that I will soon be alone without her.  Soon I won’t have my beautiful sister there to answer every question that comes to my mind, 24/7.   Knowing she won't be just down the hall, or not being able to share the little things that I love to talk with her about periodically throughout the day, makes me so very sad.  My sister is my best friend, and she will be forever, even when she goes on her own amazing adventure to New York.   Luckily, I am hoping that her future school is also my own.  The New School (where my sister is attending)  is also the umbrella school for Parsons Fashion School!   Life could bring us back together, side by side, in a brand new city!   For now I’m just trying to look out into the horizon and breathe.  I can’t keep her here with me, but I can fully reminisce the last moments we have left, really living at home together. And that's worth the w🌍rld.


Our many adventures through NYC will be soon featured for you to follow:)


My Miami Epiphany🏝


Hello beautiful South Beach!  What's better than a mother/daughter trip to Miami?  A mother/daughter trip to a salsa competition in Miami, where your mom ends up winning every heat she is in! 


Miami is a place that even if you have never been here, most likely you can begin to imagine what it must be like.  Palm trees swaying, fun music, and a style that captures bold colors and loud prints in a fun little fringe draped dress that makes every step you take look like dancing.  But one thing I have to mention is that despite my intense passion for fashion, one of the best things to wear in Miami is... your bikini.  And I wore mine, coconut in hand, as often as possible.


Upon arriving, on our very special girls trip, we headed straight to the hotel Setai, where we ate at their yummy Asian fusion restaurant called Jaya.  For this dinner, I chose a light sundress with lace lining on the bottom and one of my favorite bohemian belts, that you can find In Italy, or of course at your local Planet Blue;). This belt is so intricately made with shell pieces in each perfect circle.


Waking up in Miami could not have been more wonderful.  I raised my cappuccino cup high to cheers the waves and palm trees when I woke up.  Then I opened up my #girlboss book on the amazing life of Sophia Amoruso (aka. The owner of Nasty Gal). After reading some of this inspiring account of a brave entrepreneur, I turned to Netflix to watch the first episode of the show that follows this book!  It was a perfect morning.  After my morning splurge into fashion, we headed to a new Hot yoga place called, Glow Hot Yoga! We left glowing and feeling very on top of the world.  Fresh smoothies only made us feel better!


So many wonderful moments on this trip, but there is one particular moment that I will always remember - taking a long walk along the South beach ocean enjoying the beauty, feeling the power of the wind as it blew sand into our faces, holding hands - letting my mom’s hand be the only thing in my hand, because I purposely left my phone in our hotel room.  I had a moment of clarity on this trip... not every single moment and second has to be captured by a phone camera, and can instead be captured with my mind, if I allow myself to be fully present. Leaving my phone in the room might seem like a trivial thing.  I am fully a child of my era.  I am a “Millenial”.  I am supposed to document and remember everything.  Yet, my mom said something that rang so true -  little kids remember everything so clearly because their focus is always on their 5 senses. In that vein, after this moment of clarity, my mom and I took a second to feel our feet in the sand - and I mean really feel them.  We talked about how beautiful it is to capture these moments just like a little kid would.  I noticed so much more of my surroundings than I do when I’m preoccupied with the chaos and the “connection” of technology and the alternate reality of social media.  In that world it’s a whole way of living, where I am always caught looking at other people’s lives, and subconsciously comparing theirs to mine.  I’m left seeing the moments that they choose to share and assuming it represents the whole of their lives.  But I’m really only seeing the moments that are “fit for IG” - the highlight reel.  These moments are glossy and beautiful in their brevity and leave me comparing their bodies and surface level lifestyles to my own, because you cannot see the depth of a person if you are not face-to-face listening to their words, feeling their heart and soul and love and pain. It was there, in south Beach, that I realized we don’t need to be something we’re not, just to appear that way on Instagram. And one of the main points that my epiphany led me to was that I don’t want to just be known for me.. Okay yes, I’m a blogger and I love that you know me, my writing style, fashion sense and etc, but what I decided was I want my fashion designs to be known for themselves and known as a signature to Chloéselbystyle, and therefore they will stand on their own as the great designs that they are.  My designs will be a mirror of my love and passions and dreams, reflecting back my love of all things.  But they will be, and act, as independent things that “breathe” their own life and love and passion. There is so much beauty all around us.  Live, love and create, and most of all be present, as much as possible.

 ✨🙏🏼LOVE LIFE💗👼🏼!!!!

-Chloe Selby


A Diary Entry on My Spring Love ❤️


   There is just so much to love...the feeling of exhilaration, elation, the beauty of the escape.  The music jammin’, the feeling of love that surrounds, the warmth of the dancing bodies, the refreshing taste of ice cold water, and the relief of the lime popsicle on my tongue. This is my “happy place” as I enjoy every second of our beautiful, fleeting time together.  Each second revolving around the multicultural, hip food that we share, the unique and trendy styles and the music - always the music.  The feeling is pure serenity and bliss, even with the extremely loud music flowing in and out of our ears. Our daytime romance is full of the warm sensation of my beautiful people, cold water bottles every 20 minutes, because hydration is important when you truly feel as if you could pass out at any moment from the love of it all. During the day, the outdoor stages are our home and I like to stay far away from going into the Sahara rager, having your head hurt from the loud music, unable to even think, but at night this escape is welcome as we move to a different beat and rhythm.  The glowing outfits and plastic animals light the way as they dance with the crowd. I repeatedly twirl and do cartwheels around the field because I just can’t contain my excitement.  We stay awake, because we wouldn’t want to miss a moment apart, deep into the wee hours of the morning, only to fall into an exhausted heap of pure happiness diving into bed.  So much love, sexiness and free fun!  And just like that, after three days, our relationship is over - until the following year.  It was amazing while it lasted. We’re sort of a “Spring Thing”, only seeing each other once a year in April with half the population of Los Angeles to witness our mutual love and complete adoration.

Sigh, Oh Coachella, how you have my heart.


This white top is from Mikoh Swimwear. This body jewelry is from The Nakd Tiger. These shorts are from One Teaspoon.  


Best Poké from Sweet Fin!  


This is what happens when it gets too cold at night, then I have to buy my very own Coachella 2017 merchandise (which ended up being this robe).


Coconuts from an amazingly cute pink truck!


Day 2 outfit! Everything can be found on Planet Blue!  Each item is linked on the names below.


One Teaspoon Black High Waisted Shorts, Indah Cross-Back Bodysuit, Metal Belt. Of course to accessorize, I chose a Choker By Chloe:). 


One of my best friends named Randi who came to Coachella with me!


The funny plastic aliens 👽 I told you about and Sahara tent craziness!


Chloéselbystyle in action on Youtube!

  Fashion as an art can be expressed in many different ways. I began my journey with a complete passion for everything fashion related, and now I keep finding more and more interesting ways to share this love with others.  From designing my own couture dresses, to starting my own line, to blogging, and now - starting a YouTube channel!  Using this medium I can share my unique fashion sense in a completely active way, as I go about life.  This allows me to capture and share in-the-moment thoughts about how I see fashion, styling and design -  sharing my rad style through fashion related videos.  

I want to carve out my own space on the world wide web.  A space that is uniquely mine and uniquely ME.  It will allow me to share:

  • Where to find rad outfits in LA

  • How to repurpose clothing to make it more personal -  for example taking a vintage tee from the Melrose Flea market and turning it into a bohemian look, or how to add pops of flair through patches, accessories, or embellishments, or distress them to make them your very own.

  • Showing style in all its different forms

  • How to wear something that might look totally crazy, but more importantly, how to pull it off

  • Sewing

  • Designing

  • Shopping - what I see, what I look for, and where I go to find it

  • Insight into how I mix and match and plan an outfit, for any and all occasions

My Youtube Videos will express Chloeselbystyle in its fullness.  I’m thrilled to begin sharing my thoughts in this way.  Please check out my channel!  I see it as one more way to share my creativity in this beautiful, fun-filled city of LA, and around the world!  


Finding your rainy/ foggy day outfit☁️✨👖

   On an L.A day, covered in fog and clouds, your robe or blanket may feel like just the right outfit. But when you have to get up and get out of the house, a cool bomber jacket and Golden Goose high tops is a stand out choice for a cloud-filled day. Surrounded by gray, you would completely stand out wearing this eye catching outfit! For me, accessorizing with fun Chloéselbystyle jewelry is ALWAYS a must. Let me repeat, even when I'm in my robe, I'm still wearing my fun jewelry. It makes me feel dressed up, even when I'm feeling cozy - always looking rad:)

All photos taken by the amazing: Isabella Basile 


Butterfly 🦋 ✨Flutterby

  There are some moments in life where you are feeling on top of the world.  When you’re feeling this amazing, everything feels more colorful and life feels more joyful. Connection to the world seems stronger and much more vivid. On this particular day things appeared without me even having to seek them out.

  As we were shopping arm in arm, I flitted through topics of conversation like I floated down the street.  I stopped at every beautiful thing I found, gathering inspiration for my fashion designs and lifestyle. I went from my boba, to my arugula and tomato salad to my mini almond coffee drink… gathering strength to soar and discover new things. Each photo taken on this day show movement energy and sparkle… I could hardly stand still and no camera, or net, could capture me


Fun filled day of kimonos

   Photo shoots, depending upon the person, it's either a loved experience, or can make a person feel a bit...uncomfortable.  I recently took part in an photo shoot that was a very loved experience. This shoot was with designer Rita with Rita Ghaminé kimonos. This designer does many custom kimonos and for each unique order she uses a conscious intent that the client express to her.  I knew a couple different looks were going to be shot, so I picked out outfits I thought would pair perfectly with her kimonos. I added my own personal flair with my style to each outfit picked, I chose outfits that would beautifully blend, and not clash, with her unique fabrics. I also chose a few chokers from my own line called Chokersbychloe that would accessorize the outfits. I have some velvet chokers and she has some velvet kimonos, so velvet on velvet was a must in this shoot! These kimonos are designed so that you can wear them with any sort of outfit.  I'm always naturally drawn to the bohemian look, but after rocking one of her tribal kimonos with a ripped oversized “Bad Religion” vintage tee + boyfriend jeans as well as a crop top and  Kimberly Ovitz skirt my perspective was broadened. Now, kimonos are a go to addition to any outfit I put together. My current looks incorporate kimonos that contribute to the sexy and cool vibe of my personal style, creating unique an worth while outfits!

Rita's website: ritaghaminé.com