A very pregnant woman, styled to her finest, bundled up in a Moncler coat and black knee high boots, stood on the corner of 70th and Madison Avenue in NYC.  With a list of baby names swirling around in her mind, her eyes fell upon the Chloè Sign.  She clutched my dad’s hand knowing they had finally found my name.  In that instant my connection to fashion was born.

Most babies would crawl to books or toys but I would crawl towards my mom’s Jimmy Choos.  When it came time for me to choose my own pair of “Jimmy Choos” I chose my rainbow sparkle sneakers - every time.  These shoes were everything to me.  Though I grew out of my rainbow sneakers, I never lost the sense of my unique and sparkly style.  

My goal is to evoke a sense of wonder through design, that embraces diversity  while having a clear vision and avant garde style.  My dream is to inspire others to acquire a new mindset that allows them to imagine their existing wardrobe as if it were Barneys.  Despite my intense love of shopping, there is no place I'd rather be than in my sewing space creating and designing.